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Poetry manuscripts should be 48 to 84 pages single-spaced. Exclude front matter (title page, contents, acknowledgments) or any artwork from the page count. Unless otherwise ineligible, all full-length books are considered for the FutureCycle Poetry Book Prize.

A complete list of acknowledgments, including credits to the journals or magazines in which a work was first published, should be submitted with the manuscript; do not include reprint credits. Alphabetize serial publications separately from books, chapbooks, anthologies, and awards:

A Journal: "Poem 1," "Poem 2," "Poem 3"

"Poem 1," "Poem 2," and "Poem 3" first appeared in Anthology/Book/Chapbook Title (Press, YYYY).

Only submit one file; if submitting artwork (grayscale only except for the cover), zip your entire submission into one file. Acceptance of your book or chapbook manuscript does not include acceptance of any artwork you may submit, and we have a preference for no artwork inside the book. Submitters using zip format to circumvent required document formats (.doc, .odt) will be rejected without comment. Submittable reconverts .pdf files with sometimes deleterious results, so please don't submit them unless your submission is accepted.

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