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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Due to a perfect storm of the serious illness of our Director's sister, the loss of an editor, and a schedule that is already solidly booked through late 2020, we are taking a break from reading book manuscripts until at least January 2019. We are still considering submissions of individual works to Good Works Review (see below).

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to consider your poetry. Please note that these guidelines, and the submission links that follow, are for submitting either book manuscripts or manuscripts for our Selected Poems series; each category has its own requirements. Although we typically read year-round and strive to respond in three months or less. A modest, non-refundable reading fee is required, so following our guidelines would be wise. (To submit individual works without fee, please visit Good Works Review at goodworksreview.futurecycle.org for GWR-specific guidelines and information.)

Because our time and yours is valuable, we expect you to review the Info / For Authors at www.futurecycle.org in advance of submission. A sample of our book contract is available on the site. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but please withdraw promptly through Submittable (and leave a comment) should your work be accepted elsewhere.

If you are simultaneously submitting your manuscript to one or more contests, please inform us of the decision date(s); we will then likely wait until the contest closes to make our final decision on your submission.

If we accept your full-length manuscript, and you are not otherwise ineligible (e.g., on our staff or one of our former winners), you are automatically entered into competition for the FutureCycle Poetry Book Prize in the year we publish your book. Be aware that we schedule publication dates for accepted manuscripts in sequence, and we typically are scheduled up to two years in advance.

Note that we do not use first-line readers. All manuscripts are evaluated by at least two senior editors. Should individual editors decide to share their comments with you, which they will sometimes but not always do, the comments will appear on your Submittable Activity & Ratings tab for the submission. (If you don't know how to access these, check Submittable for help.) Otherwise, please do not ask us for feedback.

We don't believe it does anyone any favors to "sit" on a manuscript we know we are going to reject. Our rule of thumb is that, until we have two "No" votes from our editors (or more than two "Maybes"), we consider a submission to be under active evaluation. Once two editors recommend rejection, we reject the manuscript. This can take several months, or it can happen quickly; it all depends on the overall workload and how our editors' schedules affect their ability to evaluate your submission. Sometimes we'll put a manuscript on hold and give you an opportunity to make revisions based on our suggestions, but if we think the needed revisions will be extensive before we could publish the work, we will reject the submission.

IMPORTANT: We publish both print and Kindle editions of work we accept. Because of digital programming constraints, we cannot reliably reproduce columnar or concrete poetry ("words scattered all over the page"), so please do not include work of this nature in your submission. Stick to traditional single-spaced lines with one extra line between stanzas, please, and DO NOT TYPE POEM TITLES IN ALL CAPS. Also, "tabs" should be a uniform 5 spaces long or multiples thereof. If you write with a long line, be aware that words extending past about 4.5" in 11-point type will wrap down and be indented when the poems are formatted for a 6x9 book. Sometimes we can compensate by using a smaller font, but sometimes we can't. (To preview what may happen, try setting your margins at 2 inches all around.) We always do an assessment for potentially problematic formatting before a manuscript is cleared for editorial evaluation, then share it with you.


Beginning in 2019, we are committed to publishing 12 full-length books per year (not less than 48 pages of poetry, sans front/back matter, single-spaced). We no longer consider chapbooks. We are currently scheduled into late 2020 and for this reason are not currently reading full-length manuscripts. Please try us again in January.

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